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      Mactapes Ltd

      The Mancunian Company of Curtain Tape Weavers







      "The best curtain tape available in the UK"

      Mactapes have recently invested in a number of brand new curtain tape looms from Jakob Muller of Switzerland.

      These machines are recognised as the finest curtain tape looms available in the world and our new machines incorporate technology not used anywhere else in the UK for the production of curtain tapes

      One product being made on these looms, "Platinum Ultimate" is a 76mm tape with three rows of woven pockets.  A monofilament weft yarn gives the product great stiffness across its width but flexibility along its length allowing it to pleat readily.

      Following consultation with many high quality curtain makers it became apparent that a precise fullness of 2.5 was required as a greater fullness resulted in too high a cost for a pencil pleat.

      Platinum Ultimate is manufactured with special tubes and high quality draw cords so that the tape pleats easily and forms beautiful, well defined and robust pencil pleats.

      The pockets are formed to hold a hook firmly in place without sagging or unravelling.

      The tape is heat set to pre-shrink it.

      Platinum Ultimate is available in 50m dispensing boxes or 500m contract boxes.

      In trials one of our customers with more than forty years of curtain making experience described Platinum Ultimate as "The best tape I have ever used, certainly the best available in the UK"

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