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      Net Pleat
      Mactapes Ltd

      The Mancunian Company of Curtain Tape Weavers







      The benefits of this tape are hard to see!

      Our 2" 50mm net pleat is an easy pleating pencil pleat ideal for lightweight voiles and sheers.

      With translucent polyester monofilament yarns used in the body and pockets the tape will have only a minimal visual impact on curtains. 

      The tape has been constructed so that the fabrics will take a subtle pleat whatever fullness is chosen but the tape will not become springy or unmanageable.    

      Click on the picture to enlarge.


      Sorry it wont stay in the box if we layer it. 50m or 100m rolls only!  If you run out though you could try to keep selling it from the empty roll....just like the Emperor's New Clothes.


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