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      Mactapes Ltd

      The Mancunian Company of Curtain Tape Weavers






      Multi-pocket tapes are a variation on corded pocket tapes but are made to a higher specification at Mactapes.  We have two versions, both have corded pockets covering almost the full width of the tape. 

      This gives the user the facility to place the hook in a variety of locations in order to position the curtain precisely in relation to the track or pole. 

      Standard multi-pocket

      Our standard multi-pocket is a single sided cord pocket tape with 8 sets of cords arranged across the full width of the tape.

      The high quality draw-cords are set in tubes to pleat up easily and provide tight pencil pleats.

      Ideal for lighter weight fabrics


      Super multi-pocket

      Like its cousin above this tape is single sided and has 8 sets of pocket cords but the 'lost' pockets that disappear when the tape is pleated have been removed, additional stiffness has been achieved with greater weft density and additional repeats have been inserted between and within the pleats to create luxurious deep pleats.  The additional pattern repeats, the absence of 'lost' pockets and the greater weft density mean that the pocket cords are held very firmly in place and strongly resist stretching or pulling that results in sagging pockets.

      For heavier fabrics we would always recommend the use of one of our woven pocket tapes but for an excellent appearance with a strong stiff heading and the flexibility you can only get with a corded multi-pocket this tape is probably the best available.


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