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      Woven Pocket Tape
      Mactapes Ltd

      The Mancunian Company of Curtain Tape Weavers






      The benefits of woven pocket curtain tapes are well known by professional curtain makers as well as retailers and consumers. Mactapes offers a wide range to suit all requirements.

      All our woven pocket tapes have high quality woven pockets with warp Some tapes incorporate hundreds of warp yarnsand weft yarns woven together to form strong hook pockets.

      Good quality curtain hooks fit tightly into the pocket giving minimal movement.

      As the pockets support the hooks firmly, the pockets don't sag and curtains will hang at consistent length.

      By encasing the draw cords of pencil pleat tapes in specially constructed tubes set in the base fabric of the tape the cords remain at the back of the pleat.  The individual pleats then stand forward of the base fabric in the classic 'D' pleat.

      D pleats are the most popular and classical pencil pleats with high pleat definition and predetermined fullness.  D pleats are less likely to tip, spread or bunch.

      High quality draw cords complete the specification of our woven pocket tapes.

      Our woven pocket tapes are all heat set, packed and inspected by hand to ensure that the highest standards are maintained through all the preparation and production processes.


      Platinum Ultimate

       The best pencil pleat available in the UK. Absolutely fantastic quality and at a sensible price.
      Premium Ultimate  [New!]It is a lot like Platinum Ultimate and a bit like Premium Pencil Pleat. Actually it is unique and awesome...well we really like it and so do our customers! [New!]
      Premium Pencil Pleat  Contract woven pocket tape. Easy to use - easy to pleat -
      Fire Retardant  [New!][New!]BS5867 Part 2 Type B ? Woven pockets ? Have a look here our new high spec tape is probably the best FR pencil pleat available [New!][New!]
      Multi-woven-pocket  Three pockets not enough? You can get too much of a good thing you know!
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