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      Premium Ultimate
      Mactapes Ltd

      The Mancunian Company of Curtain Tape Weavers







      "Premium Ultimate" is a recent addition to our stable and has been an unqualified success. It is one of our best curtain tapes.

      As with its higher spec "brother" it is made with high quality yarns to our own exacting specifications and produced on the latest Swiss-made narrow fabric looms and finished, inspected and packed by hand.

      This tape is unsurpassed for consistency and quality.   

      Key Features

      • Three rows of high density woven pockets made to the maximum depth that will accept a standard curtain hook
      • Three high quality draw cords that run through specially designed tubes
      • Designed to provide exactly 2.5 x fullness with a well proportioned deep "D" style pencil pleat
      • High quality fibrillated weft yarn gives a stiff enough heading to stand upright whichever row of pockets are used and yet flexible enough to permit easy pleating.
      • Heat finished to ensure the product will not shrink significantly when washed.
      • Available in either 50m retail style dispensing cartons or 500m layered contract boxes.  


      • Woven pocket tapes hold the hooks firmly in place with minimum sag, greater width in the pocket means more strength
      • High quality "stretch" draw cords run through tubes are easy to pleat and will stop pleating when the specified fullness is reached.  This stops the pleats from spreading or bunching and three well spaced cords keep the pleats upright.  The "D" pleat creates an even and balanced space between each pleat to create a luxurious effect on all weights of fabric.
      • 2.5 fullness means less fabric is needed to create the full effect. Tapes requiring 3 x fullness need 20% more fabric and are therefore more expensive.
      • Fibrillated yarns are easier to work with and are cheaper than monofilaments so the end product can be made more reliably and cheaply. Historically fibrillated yarns have been used on cheaper tapes but the high warp and weft density of this product actually gives a product that looks at least as good as Platinum. For heavier curtains we would always recommend Platinum Ultimate but in most cases this product will give you astonishing results.