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      Pelmet Tapes
      Mactapes Ltd

      The Mancunian Company of Curtain Tape Weavers







      Our dual purpose pelmet pleat has been designed to work with a range of hook compatible tapes and in tests has been found to give the strongest and best lasting adhesion.

      Now available in 28mm 50mm and 76mm versions these single sided tapes need to be sewn on the right way up, pleat up easily and give a classic pencil pleat look to pelmets.

      The tapes can be used as orthodox pencil pleat; the "adhesive" textile section can be used to hold a hook and because it is spread across the full width of the tape it is in effect a fully variable multi-pocket tape. This treatment is only recommended for lightweight fabrics and where regular corded or woven pocket tapes are not available.

      Key Benefits

      • Full width adhesive section for a choice of locations

      • Texturised Polyester hook compatible section for superb adhesion

      • D pleat design for strong permanent pleats

      For best results apply the tape to the hook tape and the pull it off immediately.  This will fluff up the "adhesive" section of the tape and will help it to stick even better the second time.