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      Corded, Pelmet & Lining Tapes
      Mactapes Ltd

      The Mancunian Company of Curtain Tape Weavers







      FR BS5867 Part 2 Type B

      [New!]Our New Monofilament weft-corded pocket FR tape tested to BS5867 Part2 Type B- FANTASTIC QUALITY[New!]

      Corded Pocket Tapes

      A range of corded pocket tapes. Single and double sided with (or without) coloured sewing lines with  variable width, weft density (stiffness), fullness and make up.

      Pelmet Tapes

      Our dual purpose hook compatible tapes are usually used for pelmets but can be use for fixed curtains in various applications and can be used as standard pencil pleat.

      Multi - Pocket

      Three designs including our ever popular 6" deep pleat tape.  Regular for lighter fabrics and Luxury, a stronger, stiffer version with luxurious deep pencil pleats for heavier fabrics.

      Lining Tapes

      Our 28mm tapes include a regular pleating tape in white and ecru and flanged lining tapes with button hole pockets for loose linings.

      Triple Pinch Pleat

      Not as popular as it was but still has its fans!

      Net Pleat

      A (nearly) fully translucent 50mm tape with two rows of pockets. If you don't want your curtains pleated pull the white cords out completely and then it will be fully translucent!