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      Corded FR
      Mactapes Ltd

      The Mancunian Company of Curtain Tape Weavers






      This tape really looks the business and it works fantastically well. 

      FR tape is expensive relative to ordinary tapes because of the high cost of inherently FR yarns.  Although our original brief was to create a cheaper tape that our woven pocket FR we ended up making a product that was in no way a compromise but actually breaks new ground by solving most of the problems contract customer have with conventional FR tapes.

      Despite their high cost users have complained that FR tapes are either hard to pleat, the pockets sag or the tapes do not provide enough rigidity.

      • We addressed all these issues and came up with a product that pleats up easily but is stiff across its width. 
      • We came up with a product that although it has corded pockets the cords are held so firmly in place that pocket sag is almost eliminated. 
      • We designed the product so that it performs like a woven pocket tape but is significantly cheaper. 

      The real saving though is not in the cost of the tape; this tape pleats up so easily that fitters or machine room operators pleating and hooking the tape can do so in about half the time it takes to prepare curtains made with other tapes.