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      Mactapes Ltd

      The Mancunian Company of Curtain Tape Weavers






      Premium Pencil Pleat is our contract woven pocket tape. With three rows of deep strong pockets it is a high quality curtain tape available in 50 or 100m rolls, 50m retail dispenser boxes or 500m layered cartons for contract.[Product Image]

      Utilising high quality fibrillated polypropylene weft to give a curtain tape that stands up to all but the heaviest fabrics yet is easy to apply and pleat.  

      Made with the very best quality yarns to our own exacting specifications and produced on the latest narrow fabric looms and finished and packed by hand, this tape is unsurpassed for consistency and quality.                               

      Contract WP

      Key Benefits

      • Three rows of high density woven pockets hold the hooks firmly and permanently with minimum sag

      • Three high quality draw cords that run through specially designed tubes in the tape to allow easy pleating and precise pleats that do not bunch or spread.

      • Designed to provide exactly 2.2 x fullness with a well proportioned deep pencil pleat.

      • High quality weft yarn to give a stiff enough heading to stand upright whichever row of pockets are used and yet flexible enough to permit easy pleating.

      • Heat finished to ensure the product will not shrink when washed.

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